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Revenue Augmentation Model
door to door coverage

Municipal Finance – Findings from NITI Aayog workshop

With rapid increase in urbanisation, it is important to transform the services which are being delivered to citizens through Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), viz. Municipal Corporation, Councils and parishads.

To maintain and significantly improve the quality of services, it prudent to explore ways to enhance their own revenue.


evenue generation is one of the critical functions of ULBs to increase the efficiency in basic services provided to the citizens. Property Tax is the principal source of revenue for Urban Local Bodies in virtually every part of the world. In most cities in India the property tax base has been considerably eroded by administrative and procedural inadequacies.

Revenue is not realized fully in most of the ULBs, as significant number of properties are not included in the tax base; those that are included are inaccurately assessed and hence the collection of property tax is inefficient.

We have proven methodology to include every house-hold into the tax base along with proper touch base (door to door) for quarterly and annual collection of taxes, fee and utility/user charges and to have an interface for MIS and data analysis. This not only significantly increase the revenue for ULBs but also reduces the operational and capital expenses of the ULBs.

  • Bring every house-hold into tax base
  • Door to Door Service
  • Integrated modules for Survey, Assessment, Collection and Recovery of Property Taxes and other usage charges
  • Property Verification
  • Demand Generation
  • Payment History
  • Pay Now (credit cards, debit cards, wallet, etc.)
  • L-Ledger, K-Ledger
  • Demand-Collection-Balance
  • Web and Mobile Interface
  • Grievance Redressal System
PPP Model

Public Private Model on Revenue Sharing.

0% Capex

Easy Approval and Low Risk

Revenue Generation

Low gestation period, with revenue generation in less than 3 months.

Design & Development of Web & Mobile application for Citizens & Officials
Integration and Assessment of the Legacy/Existing data for Gap Analysis
Survey & Assessment of every individual Property within the ULB
Collection and Recovery of Property Tax and Utility/User Charges
Technical Support and Grievance Redressal System for Citizens & Officials
Revenue Augmentation, Reporting and Maintenance of the System
Property Tax
Water User Charge
Municipal Trade License Fee
Advertisement Tax

Implementation of rules and regulations as per latest Municipal Acts

Implementation of new notifications / rates of tax or non-tax fee and charges

Ease of Living and Doing Business

Benefits to ULB

Growth in Revenue
Increase in number of properties under tax base due to better reach and coverage (door to door collection)
AMRUT Compliance
Adhere to 90% coverage and 90% collection guidelines as per AMRUT Mission
We help in revenue augmentation, with reliable and stable YoY growth. This helps achieve better credit ratings, brings in transparency and consistency – necessary pillars to launch municipal bonds.
Rewards & Recognition
Improves the branding of ULB and hence eligible for various rewards and recognitions by Central and State Govt.

Key Success Drivers